3 Services You Will Find at Luxury Dental Clinic Spas

Posted on: 13 August 2015

When you think of going to a dental clinic the last thing you think about is probably the word luxury. You may be shocked to find that luxury dental clinics are cropping up all over the world. These clinics offer a different style of service than the ones you may be used to. Here are a few services you can find at luxury dental clinic spas in your area.  

Botox Treatments

One of the first services you may notice listed on luxury dental clinic menus is botox. This type of service is used to help fill in the fine lines and wrinkles that can add age to your smile. It can also be used to help gum swelling and issues that may occur following orthodontic work. By using this type of treatment as a follow-up to orthodontic or major cosmetic dentistry, you can help reduce the chance of your teeth shifting and causing alignment issues with your new smile.

Unique Dental Treatments

You may have heard of having a fluoride treatment from your dentist, but some luxury dental clinics offer other unique methods. One of these methods is to use a chocolate toothpaste that retails for $100 a tube. The reason this treatment is being used is because it offers patients the ability to have a dose of fluoride without chemical side effects or the use of harsh chemicals that may be found in other treatments.

Acupuncture Treatments

One of the unique services you may find at a luxury dental clinic or acupuncture treatments. These treatments are done around the face, neck, and shoulders in an effort to help with migraines or pain and inflammation associated with dental issues and treatments. Though this is not a service available at every luxury dental clinic, there are several who provide a full range of massage, dental, and botox style therapies. These services may also be combined with various massage therapies and on-going chiropractic care for treatment with recurring inflammation or pain following difficult procedures. 

These are just three of the services you may find when you visit a luxury dental clinic. Remember, some clinics are considered luxury for the pampering sessions given during and after the dental procedure, like massage chairs or relaxation areas following the treatment. If you want a combination of high-quality dental procedures and luxury accommodations then check with your local luxury dental clinics for service menus and pricing. However, keep in mind that going to any dentist is important, so if luxury isn't your style reach out to a local professional such as Acorn Dental Centre.


Looking younger and fresher

No one ever comes in asking to look older. When they want make an actor look old in a movie they do a few subtle things to age their face, like lighten their eyebrows and yellow up their teeth. That's because the signs of aging don't just affect your skin, they also show in your mouth. A natural bright smile leaves you looking and feeling younger. Cosmetic dentistry is a great way to naturally look younger without painful plastic surgery. If you are looking at getting some cosmetic dentistry this site has great articles about teeth whitening, veneers and other cosmetic procedures.