5 Things Surfers Need in Their Emergency Dental Kits

Posted on: 2 February 2016

If you fall and hit your mouth while you are surfing, it could cause permanent dental damage. However, you can minimise the risk and potential effect of damage by making a small emergency dental kit before your next surfing adventure. Here's an idea of five things to include.

1. A mouth guard

A mouthguard is a piece of pliable plastic that fits in your mouth. They are relatively inexpensive to buy, and you can customise them to your mouth by simply dipping them in boiling hot water, let them cool slightly and then bite on them.

When you have a mouthguard in your mouth, it protects your teeth and mouth in the event of an injury. Many people wear mouthguards for high-contact sports, and the only risk of wearing one is that it may slip out of your mouth and end up on the ocean floor.

2. A small sealable container

If you fall and your mouthguard slips out, your tooth could easily be knocked out. If that happens, you need a sealable container to carry it to the nearest emergency dentist. Ideally, you just want a small container with a lid that closes firmly. For example, a small pill box works perfectly.

3. A bottle of water

Ideally, your emergency dental kit should contain a small bottle of water. This should not be your regular bottle of water but a small supplemental one. If your tooth gets knocked out, use the water to rinse off any debris. Then, place the tooth in your small container.

4. Milk

Unfortunately, milk isn't something that you can constantly keep in an emergency dental kit if you store it permanently in your car or in your surfing bag, but if you have time to pack your emergency dental kit every time before you go surfing, you should always stock it with a bit of milk.

You don't need a lot. You just need enough milk to cover the tooth in the container as you take it to the emergency dentist. The milk helps to prevent it from drying out. If you don't have milk, don't cover the knocked out tooth in water. Instead, just slip it in the corner of your mouth and carry it to the emergency dentist in your cheek.

5. Gauze

There can be quite a lot of blood with a dental emergency. Keep in mind that you aren't likely to bleed out. You just need a small bit of gauze to stem the flow of blood. Keep this item in your emergency kit, and use it to absorb mouth blood as needed.

For more dental tips and advice for surfers, contact a clinic like Dr David Young & Associates Dental Surgeons.


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