When is it time to remove baby teeth?

Posted on: 17 August 2016

Children usually naturally lose their baby teeth over their children to create a gap so that their adult teeth can descend into the jaw. However, sometimes this does not proceed as it should and parents may need to take the child to a dentist to get some extra assistance in extracting the baby teeth. 

Here are some indications you may need to take your child to the paediatric dentist

There are indications of decay

If the teeth start to decay, they can often break into smaller pieces and they may not come out smoothly. This can be quite dangerous as, in extreme situations, it can result in blood poisoning and illness. Signs that this has happened include a recurring bad breath which continues after teeth brushing as well as discoloured teeth or swelling in the gums. 

The baby teeth are not falling out after adult teeth appear

In some cases, particularly with very overcrowded mouths, the adult teeth may come through at a different orientation to the baby teeth. This can lead to issues with the bite and teeth orientation and can often result in the child having a very uncomfortable sensation when biting or chewing. It's a good idea to check your child's mouth when they are brushing their teeth to check, especially if they have had issues with overcrowding. A dentist can help to review the teeth, extract any unnecessary teeth and check whether there is any respacing required for the adult teeth. 

There is severe mechanical damage

Kids can be prone to accidents and mechanical damage on their teeth if they live an active lifestyle. If they do get a broken tooth or teeth, it's a good idea to take them to a dentist for assessment. Depending on the time until the adult tooth comes through the space that the baby tooth occupied, the dentist may either recommend removing the tooth or repairing the tooth to maintain an appropriate spacing between the baby teeth. The baby teeth tend to fall out at a developmental schedule that mimics the order that the baby teeth appeared on (front teeth first and back molars last).

If you have some concerns over when your child's baby teeth should be falling out, or if you need to remove them, you should speak to a dentist. It can be painful and stressful for children if parents try to remove baby teeth at home, so if extraction is needed, it's appropriate to get it done in a safe manner in a dentist clinic. 


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