Cosmetic Dentistry Options for a Child's Broken Tooth

Posted on: 2 August 2017

A lot of cosmetic dentistry treatments involve either correcting the alignment of teeth or improving their colour. As such, they're almost always carried out on adults.

The alignment of children's teeth is normally corrected through the use of orthodontic braces, which are most effective as the jaw is still developing, so you can get excellent results when they're used with children. Other treatments for tooth alignment, like veneers, would be likely to shift out of place as the child grows.

But that's not to say there isn't a place for cosmetic dentistry when it comes to children. If a child breaks a tooth, it can be quite noticeable, which can lead to serious self-esteem problems during their teenage years. These are the common options for repairing a child's broken tooth.


This is by far the most likely treatment you'll be offered by a dentist. Bonding uses a resin material to repair the tooth, replacing the bit that's broken off. It can be easily moulded into shape and fits nearly in place to make the tooth complete once again. It's not as long lasting as some other treatments, but your child can decide on a more permanent solution when they reach adulthood and experiencing less dental changes.

Because bonding is straightforward and simple to customise, it can be used on baby teeth. However, you should consider whether you think it's worth having this done, depending on how noticeable the damage is and how much longer the child is likely to even have the tooth in question before their adult teeth grow through.


While veneers aren't normally used for alignment issues in children, they can be used for repairing a chipped or broken tooth. However, you should bear in mind that they need to be carefully monitored as the child grows to make sure they stay healthy. They need more care than bonded teeth, with thorough brushing and flossing essential, but this should be a problem with older children. Veneers take a few more visits and a bit more time to fit than bonding does, but they last a long time and look great.


Crowns are not normally used with children unless they have a severely broken or decayed tooth. That said, it is still possible for them to be used in treating less serious problems. Because the treatment requires more work to shape and prepare the tooth, they can be quite stressful for children, but once in place, crowns are extremely hard-wearing and durable. Crowns can be fitted to baby teeth, but this is unlikely to be recommended by a dentist unless there's a medical reason for needing one.

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