Why Do Dentists Carry Out Teeth Whitening Procedures?

Posted on: 22 May 2019

You can buy products at your local pharmacy which will help to whiten your teeth. Some of them are one-off treatments whilst others require a daily application, such as certain whitening toothpaste brands, for example. Therefore, you might wonder why dental professionals offer these sorts of services at all. Why is it that dentists get involved with whitening their patients' teeth instead of recommending that they apply such products? 

  • Part of a Range of Cosmetic Services

Because teeth whitening is a form of cosmetic dentistry, it is something that many dentists will offer as a part of their usual practice. Along with other cosmetic procedures, such as straightening out crooked teeth or providing dental veneers, teeth whitening processes are available from most dentists these days on a much more professional basis than you could achieve from the DIY approach that is available from retail outlets. As such, one of the major reasons that dentists carry out whitening procedures is simply because there is a high demand from the public for such services.

  • Medical Teeth Whitening

Although some patients want a dentist to bleach their teeth for them so that they are more confident when they smile, sometimes teeth whitening procedures are carried out for genuine medical reasons instead. For example, you can suffer from tooth discolouration as a result of certain medical treatments. This might mean that just one or two teeth in your mouth no longer match the rest of them. If this is the case, then having a dentist just treat the affected area can be hugely beneficial as a corrective treatment. Certain anti-cancer drugs are also known to have the unwanted side-effect of discolouring teeth as well.

  • Correcting Naturally Less White Teeth

Some people have less of a sparkling white set of teeth than others. Although smoking cigarettes, drinking lots of coffee and fruit juice can make your teeth discoloured over time, a good number of people have teeth which are not perfectly white from birth even if they take great care of them and avoid staining. Imperfectly white teeth are perfectly natural. However, if you think teeth that are not perfectly white create an unhealthy look, then your dentist will be able to make them whiter within just one or two sessions. For many people, this is a preferable course of action to take because the effect of professional teeth whitening is more immediate and even than using pharmacy-purchased products.

If you're looking for ways to get the best out of your teeth whitening, call your local dentist for help today.


Looking younger and fresher

No one ever comes in asking to look older. When they want make an actor look old in a movie they do a few subtle things to age their face, like lighten their eyebrows and yellow up their teeth. That's because the signs of aging don't just affect your skin, they also show in your mouth. A natural bright smile leaves you looking and feeling younger. Cosmetic dentistry is a great way to naturally look younger without painful plastic surgery. If you are looking at getting some cosmetic dentistry this site has great articles about teeth whitening, veneers and other cosmetic procedures.