Guide to choosing mouthguards

Posted on: 10 July 2019

People who grind their teeth or are active participants in sports need mouthguards for protection. Mouthguards are, however, available in different styles, designs and materials, so making a choice can be difficult. With the following tips, you can choose a mouthguard that suits your needs and preferences:

Comfort and protection

Comfort and protection are two aspects to consider before wearing a mouthguard. In this instance, custom mouthguards are the best option to purchase, as they are designed to fit your specific dental formula. Comfort is also necessary if you participate in sports that require communication such as football. If you are a vocal player, you will need a slim-fitting mouthguard that can allow you to breathe, communicate and drink necessary fluids.


Not only are braces an expensive affair, but they are also easily damaged. Protection is therefore essential if you participate in sports. However, the protection that mouthguards offer should not interfere with the comfort of the braces brackets and wires. With braces, a custom mouthguard is the best option. They are designed specifically to your mouth and take into account the presence of brackets without limiting the alignment procedure. They also adapt to any changes in tooth position when the braces are adjusted.

Right mould

Today, most mouthguards have a certain degree of customisation. The best mouthguards are those prepared by a dentist, despite being slightly more expensive than standard mouthguards. A dentist takes an impression of your mouth and sends it to a lab for the design.

Standard mouthguards have a boil-and-bite mould. This means you have to place the mouthguard in boiling water and then bite it down. While it offers protection at a low cost, they can get uncomfortable with time.

For individuals with sensitive mouths, there are standard mouthguards that do not require boiling. Warm water will do the trick. There is also a mouthguard designed using a gel that adjusts to your specific bite.


It is possible to customise mouthguards to suit your style preferences and team colours or design. Customisation allows you to style your mouthguard, display your identity or maintain a minimalist vibe. Customisation can also increase team spirit by adding the team logo and number to the mouthguard. While jerseys are the most valued sports equipment, a personal mouthguard with name and number can be the new favourite.

For more information about mouthguards, reach out to a dentist near you.


Looking younger and fresher

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