4 Common Reasons You May Need to See an Emergency Dentist

Posted on: 23 September 2019

The fact that not many people expect to find themselves in a situation that requires them to seek emergency dental service explains the last-minute scrambles to see emergency dentists. Sometimes, however, there are obvious signs that a person is headed for the dental emergency room. In such instances, it is best to seek out an emergency dentist immediately so they can administer prompt treatment.

If you ever encounter the following dental problems, don't hesitate to see an emergency dentist for urgent dental care. 

You're Experiencing Severe Tooth Pain

Do you experience a sharp pain feel in your tooth? Toothaches are one of the most obvious signs that your teeth require some urgent care. Usually, they are caused by an array of dental issues, such as tooth decay, cracked teeth and abscessed teeth. 

Your Tooth Is Loose

If one or more of your adult teeth are loose, then they can come out at any time. If the affected tooth becomes detached from its socket, there is a chance that it might never be reattached again. Making a trip to the emergency dental office can help to save the tooth, as long as it is still healthy. Tooth extraction is always offered as the last resort.

Your Gums Are Swollen

Inflated gums can be extremely painful. They can turn simple, everyday activities, such as eating and talking with other people, into torturous experiences. If you are suffering from swollen gums, an emergency dentist can help to alleviate the swelling and then refer you to a specialist that will establish the underlying cause of the problem.

Excessive Bleeding in Your Gums 

It is perfectly normal to occasionally see blood spots when brushing or flossing your teeth. This could mean that you are brushing too aggressively or that it has been a while since you flossed your teeth. But if your gums are bleeding excessively and you can't stop the bleeding with a piece of cloth or cotton gauze, see an emergency dentist immediately. 

Emergency dentists work outside of the usual office hours so they can receive people that are faced with dental problems that can't wait for a regular dental appointment. However, the reality remains that these dentists aren't as readily available as their regular counterparts. The best way to enjoy peace of mind is to find an emergency dentist ahead of time so you can know that you have a place you can turn to in times of need.


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