Is It Time for a Dental Visit? 4 Signs to Guide You

Posted on: 1 July 2021

Have you been postponing your dental visits for some time now? Perhaps you have been experiencing dental discomforts, but you fear losing a tooth? Unfortunately, doing so only aggravates the issue. The more you ignore oral issues, the more pain you will experience as days pass by, which can tamper with your daily life. Therefore, you need to set up a dental appointment right away.

Here are four signs to guide you when it is time to visit a dentist

1. The Pain Keeps Recurring

Even if the pain is not too much, the fact that it keeps recurring is a clear sign that something is crucially wrong. Most people try to remedy the situation by taking over-the-counter medicines, but these only provide temporary relief. Only a qualified dentist can administer the proper treatment and medication. Your dentist will also monitor your progress to ensure you are fully healed.

2. The Gums Are Bleeding

Apart from recurring pain in your mouth, experiencing bleeding gums during eating, flossing and brushing is not a good sign. Most times, bleeding gums result from decomposed leftover food in your mouth, encouraging overgrowth of bacteria when you fail to brush your teeth properly. 

Eventually, it leads to gum irritation due to plaque build-up. Flossing and brushing exert pressure on the gums, causing them to bleed. The issue can advance to gingivitis or even tooth loss if untreated. Therefore, you should see your dentist as soon as you notice unusual bleeding of the gums. 

3. The Teeth Appear Translucent On the Edges

If you carefully look at your teeth in the mirror and notice the edges look translucent compared to the rest of the teeth, all is not well. The condition is referred to as bruxism which occurs as a result of teeth grinding or jaw clenching. Most people grind or clench their jaw when fast asleep. Other symptoms associated with these conditions include headaches or facial pain. It can also cause damages to your jaw and crown if not addressed in good time.

4. The Breath Is Unpleasant

Not only is bad breathe a sign of a severe dental problem, but it is also a big embarrassment to anyone suffering from it. Bad breath in the morning is normal, but it may cause concern if it occurs throughout the day. In most cases, bad breath indicates gum infection or decaying tooth, which is why you should visit your dentist right away.

The signs mentioned above require urgent dental attention. Timely treatment can go a long way in shielding off additional oral complications.


Looking younger and fresher

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