Can You Get Braces When Pregnant?

Posted on: 23 August 2021

Can you get braces while you're pregnant? Certainly. Should you get braces while you're pregnant? Probably. If the need for orthodontic work has been identified, it's in your best interests to treat your pregnancy as a window of opportunity to receive braces. Finding the time to have braces fitted (and then attending your regular orthodontic treatments) will become more complicated once your baby actually arrives. Does this mean that braces are fully compatible with pregnancy?

Non-Invasive Treatment

Braces need to apply consistent pressure to teeth in order to permit the bone remodelling that pushes them into the correct alignment. Despite this, it's not an invasive treatment. Placement of the braces doesn't require anaesthesia, nor does the subsequent adjustment of the braces throughout the time you must wear them. Additionally, you won't need to take any medication during the fitting or after the braces have been installed.

Diagnostic Testing

One aspect of the process that might be concerning when expecting a baby is the need for diagnostic testing, such as X-rays and radiographs. Any risk to your baby is minimal, and it should be remembered that these diagnostic tests will be focused on your jaw. You can receive protective shielding to wear over your abdomen during an X-ray or radiograph, if desired.   

Accommodating a Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you might experience certain minor dental complications, and you will be more susceptible to gingivitis while pregnant. This form of the condition is so common that it's in fact called pregnancy gingivitis. Any dental complications must be monitored, and it might be that your orthodontist will want to inspect your teeth more often. This allows for immediate intervention if needed, but pregnancy gingivitis shouldn't disrupt your orthodontic treatment. At worst, it might cause some discomfort, but nothing especially significant.

Dietary Caution

There are a few dietary restrictions anyone with braces must familiarise themselves with. These restrictions generally relate to avoiding foods that can damage your braces or become lodged in them. When pregnant, you might experience cravings for foods that aren't necessarily good for you, so it's important to exercise some dietary caution. Ask your orthodontist about snacks that won't affect your braces, and be sure to stock up for when those pregnancy cravings strike. 

Being pregnant adds some extra considerations for orthodontic treatment, but there's nothing stopping you from having braces fitted while expecting a baby. This is probably preferable since it might be difficult to find the time once your baby is born. Contact a dentist for more information regarding braces.


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