Hypodontia: How Could it Affect Your Child?

Posted on: 30 August 2016

Children's teeth develop at different rates. However, if you notice that your child appears to be missing some of their baby teeth, or that their adult teeth are appearing very slowly, it is possible your child may have a condition called hypodontia. What is hypodontia? Hypodontia is a genetic condition which results in between 1 and 6 adult teeth failing to develop and grow in your child's mouth. Hypodontia is usually caused by the lack of dental lamina tissue beneath the gums which is vital for tooth growth.
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When is it time to remove baby teeth?

Posted on: 17 August 2016

Children usually naturally lose their baby teeth over their children to create a gap so that their adult teeth can descend into the jaw. However, sometimes this does not proceed as it should and parents may need to take the child to a dentist to get some extra assistance in extracting the baby teeth.  Here are some indications you may need to take your child to the paediatric dentist.  There are indications of decay
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Moving Your Family to a New Area? Do You Know Who to Call in Case of Emergencies?

Posted on: 29 July 2016

So you're moving your family to a new home in a new area -- the list of things you have to do is huge. Between packing, moving and unpacking, you're likely to be run off your feet for weeks. When you're finally over the actual move, your time is likely to be spent getting your house ready, finding new schools and jobs, and getting to know your neighbours and neighbourhood. Amongst all the chaos of moving, you may not remember to create an all-important emergency contact list of people you'll need in case something goes wrong.
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Having your teeth repaired may present the opportunity for cosmetic dentistry

Posted on: 14 July 2016

By the time you are in your fifties, you are generally comfortable with your appearance. You have got used to your hair and your ears; and you feel comfortable with the wrinkles on your face. You are most probably also used to your teeth. Until something happens that causes you to look at your mouth differently. Wear and tear of old fillings presents the opportunity for cosmetic dentistry If you are in your fifties, you probably have a number of substantial fillings in your mouth and they are likely to be silver amalgam.
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