Do Baby Teeth in Front of Shark Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

Posted on: 23 February 2016

Typically, your child's baby teeth will fall out before the permanent teeth behind them are ready to come through; however, sometimes an adult tooth erupts behind an existing baby tooth or even in front of it. This leaves your child with two teeth in one gap rather than one, a condition commonly referred to as "shark teeth." In some cases, the situation rights itself; in others your dentist may need to extract the baby tooth.
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5 Things Surfers Need in Their Emergency Dental Kits

Posted on: 2 February 2016

If you fall and hit your mouth while you are surfing, it could cause permanent dental damage. However, you can minimise the risk and potential effect of damage by making a small emergency dental kit before your next surfing adventure. Here's an idea of five things to include. 1. A mouth guard A mouthguard is a piece of pliable plastic that fits in your mouth. They are relatively inexpensive to buy, and you can customise them to your mouth by simply dipping them in boiling hot water, let them cool slightly and then bite on them.
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What are baby bottle cavities and how do you prevent them?

Posted on: 20 January 2016

If your baby often sleeps with a bottle at night and has been showing signs of tooth decay, it might actually be due to the bottle. This is called baby bottle decay, which can ultimately lead to baby bottle cavities. Unfortunately, it is relatively common with babies and toddlers that drink milk and juice from their bottle. Here is more information about this occurrence and what can be done about it.
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Common Questions About Dental Insurance Plans

Posted on: 30 December 2015

More and more people are realizing the importance of dental insurance cover and the convenience that dental insurance plans provide. As such, a large number of individuals are investing in dental insurance plans for themselves and for their families. Choosing a dental insurance plan is easier said than done. This article provides answers to a few questions that first-time clients often have when looking to invest in a dental insurance plan. What Is Covered Under A Dental Insurance Plan?
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